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Integral to Our Pursuit of Excellence in Prophylactics, Diagnostics, Treatment and Edification, we recognize our responsibility to care for patients and families, and we honour the trust patients and families place in us, by providing dignity, comfort and healing. We identify and implement international models of excellence to create an environment that provides the best patient outcomes and satisfaction, and is one of the best place to practice medicine, work, and volunteer.


The medical staff with Biratnagar Aspatal is comprised of about 40 medical doctors that have dedicated themselves in providing medical care of the highest level. Understanding that we are in the business of caring and saving lives, the Medical Doctors at Biratnagar Aspatal make continuous improvements by focus on the lifelong learning commitments as doctors in continuing medical education.

Dr. Gyanendra Giri
  • Speciality: FACC (Cardiology)
  • Sub-Speciality: Consultant Physician and Cardiologist

Name Dr. Gyanendra Giri

Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki
  • Speciality: Gynaecology
  • Sub-Speciality: Laparoscopic Surgery

Name Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki

Dr. Parvez Kumar
  • Speciality: Consultant Physician
  • Sub-Speciality: General Medicine, Endoscopic Specialist

Name Dr. Parvez Kumar

Dr. Pradip Kumar Gupta
  • Speciality: Specialist in Trauma and Arthroplastic Surgery
  • Sub-Speciality: Assosciate Professor of Orthopedics

Name Dr. Pradip Kumar Gupta

Dr. Raj Kumar Saboo
  • Speciality: Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Name Dr. Raj Kumar Saboo