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New design uploaded

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Doctors starting with D

Dr. Gyanendra Giri
  • Speciality: FACC (Cardiology)
  • Sub-Speciality: Consultant Physician and Cardiologist

Name Dr. Gyanendra Giri

Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki
  • Speciality: Gynaecology
  • Sub-Speciality: Laparoscopic Surgery

Name Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki

Dr. Parvez Kumar
  • Speciality: Consultant Physician
  • Sub-Speciality: General Medicine, Endoscopic Specialist

Name Dr. Parvez Kumar

Dr. Pradip Kumar Gupta
  • Speciality: Specialist in Trauma and Arthroplastic Surgery
  • Sub-Speciality: Assosciate Professor of Orthopedics

Name Dr. Pradip Kumar Gupta

Dr. Raj Kumar Saboo
  • Speciality: Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Name Dr. Raj Kumar Saboo